Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo 2015 Post Show Report

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After APA Expo from May 25 to 27, 2015, this exhibition plus conference event has established its position as the Sole Aquaculture Show in China. A total of 105 exhibitors from Norway, Ecuador, Canada, America, Japan and China etc., presented their products during the three-day event in Xiamen of Fujian Province.

The number of Chinese exhibitors accounts for 88% of the total, and international ones for 12%. The business of Exhibitors covers the whole industry chain, from seeds, fry, feeds and medicines, to utilities, machinery, equipment and technology. Aquaculture species, processed goods and products can also be exhibited. This year, the Exhibitors include Evergreen Group, Yuehai Feed Group, Tongwei Group, Great Seven Bio-Tech, GROBEST, NANRONG GROUP, Zhangzidao Group, Baiyang Group, to name a few.

Remarks from Exhibitors for APA Expo 2015 about the Show’s Characteristics:

Asia Pacific Aquaculture Expo 2015 is co-located with “The 10th China International (Xiamen) Fisheries Expo”. During the Expo, there are 12,782 special visitors attending the two shows, who are from China, Taiwan of China, Hongkong of China, Macao of China, India, Thailand, Indonesia,

Russia, Israel, Spanish, South Africa, Canada, the United States, Peru, Ecuador, Australia, and etc.

On the Expo, many visitors said that they are pleased to attend the sole Aquaculture Expo in China, which was participated in by major aquaculture enterprises, and concurrent activities are various and professional, so they will continue to pay attention to the show.

During the Expo, we also held Global Aquaculture Summit, the 7th China International Shrimp Industry Development Forum and many other wonderful creative theme activities. Our concurrent activities invited many companies and professional associations from the Asia-Pacific region, such as Australia, Canada, Russia, Norway, Ecuador, Peru, etc., to display their newest products or technology, and explore business opportunities. These activities attracted many professional visitors and exhibitors to enter and communicate. The themes of the events covered “Promote global exchange and cooperation. Achieve sustainable aquaculture”, “Integrating global advantageous resources, Exploring multivariate development strategies”, Marketing and Products Promotion, Policy Interpretation and Opportunity Analysis of Aquaculture Investment, Information Management and E-Commerce Platform Promotion, etc.

Asia Pacific Aquaculture Expo is the sole show covering the whole aquaculture industry chain in China, which gets great supports from some international professional organizations, such as Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA), Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), World Wide Fund for Nature (China) (WWF China), Japan Fisheries Association, Chuo Gyorui Co., Ltd., and Innovation Norway.

APA Expo 2015 has drawn wide professional media attention. We have cooperated with 32 international and domestic medias, 6 of which have provided constant coverage of the event.

APA Expo 2015 has made a new platform for Aquaculture Industry of China, the Asia-Pacific District and even the Global. It’s globally recognized that aquaculture has become a more and more important source of aquatic protein. Asia-Pacific region is the center of aquatic industry in the world, producing up to 85% of global aquaculture products. China’s production takes up 61% of the world output in 2014, and China has become both the fastest growing aquatic products consumption market and the center of aquaculture industry.

China is not only the most important export country of Aquatic products but also the largest import one. In 2011, China has been following the United States and Japan to become the third largest importer of Aquatic products. And the total production of aquatic products in the world is 70.55 million tons and algae products are 26.10 million tons in 2014. Hereinto, China respectively produced aquatic products 43.5 million tons accounting for 61.6% of the total, and algae products 13.5 million tons accounting for 51.7% of the total in 2014.

China is a market nobody can afford to ignore. And Chinese aquaculture Industry is improving from paying attention to production scale to focusing on aquaculture quality and environment friendliness, and transforming from traditional aquaculture mode to the modern pattern.

Asia pacific Aquaculture Expo 2016 will be held from May 26 to 28, 2016 in Xiamen City of Fujian Province. We believe the APA Expo 2016 will be wonderful and look forward to your attendance or visit!


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