APA Expo’16 Re-cooperate with GAA co-promotion with the international communication of aquaculture industry

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On Jan 26th 2016, Mr. Steven D. Hart, vice president of GAA and Ms Jane Be manager of China District, make the cooperation scheme with the organizer of Asia Pacific Aquaculture Expo(APA Expo) for APA Expo’16.  


Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo(APA Expo) 2016 is the only professional Aquaculture show in Asia-Pacific District, and also one of the important gatherings for aquaculture industry professionals on the global. It’s devoted to promote the sustainable development of aquaculture industry of China and its surrounding countries, and boost the new development of Chinese aquatic products developments.


And GAA has gained the BAP certification of about 300 aquaculture companies on the global in 2015, and expected to over 1,000 ones by 2016. And GAA is always making efforts to introduce the idea “sustainabledevelopment” into Chinese market from farm to processing plants. The same  thinking about “sustainable development” helps to bring out the cooperation on APA Expo between GAA and CAPPMA,GIE, the organizer of APA Expo.


So GAA attends APA Expo’16 again, as the supporters of APA Expo’15 and APA Expo’16. And It will hold BAP for Shellfish Promotion Meeting and GOAL2016 (Global Outlook on Aquaculture Leadership2016)press conference. And then most big shellfish companies, the delegators of supermarket and traders from China and international will come together in Xiamen to talk about the development and business cooperation of the shellfish industry.


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