Speech on the 2016 APA Expo and the 11th CISE

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                                                                                    ---------- By He Cui


Respected leaders, honored guests, ladies and gentlemen: 


Today marks the grand opening of 2016 Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Exposition and the 11th China International (Xiamen) Seafood Exposition. Elites from aquaculture industry gather together in Xiamen. First of all, on behalf of the exhibition organizers, please allow me to offer my warmest welcome and heartfelt thanks to all your delegates.

Our exposition has received great support from government, organizing units, support units and related media. I’d like to express thanks to Ministry of Agriculture Fisheries Bureau, Fujian Provincial Department of Ocean and Fisheries, Xiamen Municipal Government and other government sectors, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and other international organizations, and all the exhibitors, purchasers and visitors. Thank you for your participation and great support.

Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Exposition is the sole professional one on the theme of aquaculture in China with the goal of providing a corporate show platform for aquaculture companies in China and even the Asia-Pacific area to know and grasp new technology, equipment and ideas. We hope that China’s influence and driving forcewould accelerate the healthy and sustainable development of global aquaculture. And that’s how we embody the theme: Asia-Pacific is the core area in global aquaculture and China plays an especially important role in it.

China International (Xiamen) Seafood Exposition which has a history of 11 years, serves as a trade and exchange platform facing the largest seafood consumption market in Southeastern China. Southeastern coast together with HK, Macao and Taiwan are the most active areas in seafood trade and consumption in China. We would cooperate with international and national well-known enterprises to make our exposition one of the most influential ones in the world.

Currently, China’s aquaculture confronts challenges and opportunities brought by transition and upgrading. Aquaculture mode is heading for new changes of ecological farming and industrialized mode, which needs us to strengthen cooperation and exchange and introduce advanced equipment from abroad to improve traditional mode. We’re confident that our exposition would promote communication and trade between China and the world.

The opening of 2016 Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Exposition and the 11th China International (Xiamen) Seafood Exposition are grand gathering for Asia-Pacific and global aquaculture. We’ve received strong support from government sectors, supporting units, large enterprises at home and abroad and related media. More than 300 enterprises are from 15 countries and regions including America, Norway, Japan, Germany, Denmark, Malaysia and over 20 national provinces such as Liaoning, Jiangsu, Shandong, Hebei and Zhejiang. Our exhibits include breeding, aquafeed, equipment, new technology, logistics as well as qualified seafood products. Many famous companies are in our exhibitor list: Zoneco, Evergreen, Yuehai, DaBeiNong, Liyang, Qinghai Minze, Jinglu, Dalian Tianzheng, Wuhan Coland, Jiangsu DaYouHeng. Tmall and Jingdong also have representatives here. Meanwhile, delegates like China Catfish Institute, Maoming Tilapia Association, Henan Fisheries Association are also here. Emerging aquaculture countries like South Africa, Morocco and Myanmar participate in our conferences and activities. We’ve also received great support from international organizations such as GAA, ASC, WWF(China), Japanese Fisheries, Japanese National Fisheries Association and Innovation Norway.

Our exposition together with conferences and activities like Global Aquaculture Summit, Sustainable Aquaculture and trade workshop will promoteThe Belt and Road construction as well as the investment and trade communication in Asia-Pacific area and even the world.

Finally, we hope that our exposition would lead and build a more professional, efficient and sustainable aquaculture industry. Wish our exposition a complete success. I hope every exhibitor and visitor can obtain fruitful results and everyone can enjoy your trip to Xiamen.

Thank you.


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