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Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo Has Become China’s Prime Aquaculture Event

Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo (APA Expo) was held from May 26 to 28, 2016 at Xiamen International Convention and Exhibition Center, together with concurrent conferences and activities from May 25 to 27. Since its first edition in 2015, APA Expo now has established its industry status, as the sole professional aquaculture event in China and even Asia-Pacific region. The exhibits cover the whole industry chain from seedling to aquaculture products. In China, APA Expo is the most professional and international aquaculture event in terms of exhibitors, visitors and concurrent activities. Eight conferences and activities with 70 keynote speeches introduce the latest industry development from different perspectives, either from macro perspective of industry trend or micro aspect of certain technology. With its high profile and most represented themed conferences, APA Expo lives up to the reputation of China’s prime aquaculture event.

Professional Exhibits Covering the Whole Industry Chain

APA Expo is China’s only aquaculture themed event. A total of 106 exhibitors from 16 domestic provinces and 10 overseas countries/regions exhibited on 2016 APA Expo, covering an area of nearly 10,000 square meters. Domestic exhibitors account for 87%, among which exhibitors from Hubei, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Beijing and Guangxi provinces/cities took up 59% of total. Overseas exhibitors account for 13%, including exhibitors from the US, Japan, Korea, Myanmar, Israel, Ecuador, etc. Scope of exhibits covers seedling, feed, medicine/nutrition, equipment, technology, farmed products, processed products, logistics, trade, etc.

Two thirds of APA Expo exhibitors are directly engaged in aquaculture industry, including farming enterprises, aquatic products manufacturers, comprehensive aquaculture enterprises, and technology & equipment enterprises, etc. They can be subdivided into following fields: aquaculture trade (36%), aquaculture (30%), technique and equipment (13%), feeds (7%), aquaculture products processing (6%), seedling (6%), fish medicine and health products (2%), which almost cover the whole aquaculture industry chain, as indicated by chart 3. China’s leading aquaculture enterprises, including Guangdong Evergreen Feed Industry, Guangdong Yuehai Feed Group, Liyang Aqua-Technology, Zoneco Group, Da Bei Nong Aquaculture Science Technology Group, Jiangsu Dayouheng Aquaculture Supply Chain Management, Qinghai Minze Longyangxia Ecological Aquaculture, Penglai Jinglu Fishery, Dalian Tianzheng Industry, Wuhan Coland Aquaculture Products and Food, Jiangsu Coast Development Group, Jiangsu Huada Marine Industry Group, attended APA to display their latest achievement, promote the brand, maintain client relationships and meet with new friends. These leading enterprises focus on different fields of aquaculture and expand to more comprehensive group operations. This strategy is one trend in Chinese aquaculture enterprises for transformation and upgrading. These enterprises accounted for 15% of APA Expo total exhibitors but occupied over 30% display area.

Another one third exhibitors concentrate on certain aquaculture field in a more vertical and profound development style. Aquaculture in Jingmen City of Hubei Province is featured by ecological farming. Mr. Zhonghua Zheng, Jingmen’s Deputy Mayor, lead delegation to promote products including crayfish, testudinatum, giant salamander, eel, grass carp, etc. These products were greatly favored by buyer onsite. After 3 years’ research, Liaoning Xingcheng Jiayingweiye Company has developed a patented aquatic traceability clip. This invention is the first case of labelling on living aquatic products with two-dimension scan code. Their turbot got orders from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan onsite. China Catfish Association organized seven leading enterprises toexhibit deep processing catfish products, as well as farming & seedling technology. In China, trade prohibition for globefish is loosened and two species, fugu rubripes and fugu obscurus, are allowed to sell in market in 2016. Dalian Tianzheng Group is the #1 fugu rubripes producer. The delicate taste lit up a sensation among the audience.

Another highlight is aquaculture technology and equipment. U.S. Soybean Export Council and Xiamen Recircinvest Biotech displayed their latest recirculating system technology and equipment. International Copper Association and Xiamen Rich Fishing Company also showed their cage material and recent research achievements. OUSEI Water Solutions from Japan displayed latest oxygen-addition technique and equipment and attracted the eyes of many professionals.

Most Professional and Internationalized Visitors among Relevant Shows

APA Expo 2016 attracted over 12,000 visitors including around 5,000 professional buyers.

As Chart 4 shows, professional buyers came from 25 domestic provinces and 35 overseas countries. The Top 5 provinces are Fujian (37%), Guangdong (10%), Jiangsu (7%), Shanghai (6%), Beijing (4%), with the first three being key aquaculture provinces in China and the last two leading consuming markets. The Top 5 overseas countries are America (17%), Singapore (8%), South Africa (7%), Morocco (6%), and Peru (6%). According to the nature of business, top 5 visiting businesses are aquaculture products/foods (20%), farming (19%), high-tech (14%), trade (13%), and packing/machine/equipment (8%).

Visitors’ main goals are as followings:

1.Looking for new products and technology;

2.Understanding latest industry trends;

3.Investigating & preparing for new market especially Southern China;

4.Maintaining existing client relationship & meeting with old clients;

5.Researching on APA and its concurrent conferences.

Global Aquaculture Summit 2016: Top Aquaculture Industry Conference

China Aquaculture Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) continues to holdGlobal Aquaculture Summitin Xiamen. Over 400 representatives from 21 provinces & 25 countries and FAO participated in the summit this year. By the nature of business, they can be divided into: enterprise (42%), domestic association & scientific research institution (29%), government, embassy & international organization (22%), and media & others (7%), as indicated by Chart 6. International participants account for 28% of the total, listing APA Global Aquaculture Summit as the most internationalized aquaculture conference in China. Another 52% of participants are from China’s dominant aquaculture provinces like Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Beijing and Jiangsu.

The Summit focuses on various topics: industry transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment, raising aquaculture efficiency, sustainable development, brand promotion, marketing & sales channel innovation, international trade, investment opportunities, etc. Besides the plenary session, the three-day summit offers 4 breakout sessions: Innovation & Practice of Modern Aquaculture,Industrialized Aquaculture, Sustainable Aquaculture Production & Trade, and International Fishery Cooperation.

“Currently, China’s aquaculture industry is on a key turning point of transition and upgrading in terms of production mode and industry structure. Production mode is heading towards ecological farming and industrialized farming, which needs more international cooperation, technical exchange and introduction of advanced equipment. We’re confident that our event will promote communication and trade between China and the world,” summarized Dr. Cui He, Executive Vice President of CAPPMA. By building up a communication platform, the Summit promotes related parties to search for a conjunction point between sustainable development and production profits. In conclusion, since its birth in 2015, Global Aquaculture Summit has become China’s top aquaculture conference.

2ndFrozen Seafood ForumFocusing on Products Market

The 2ndDa You Heng International Frozen Seafood Forum’s themes in 2016 are: Transformation, Cooperation, and Branding. The covered topics include general industry overview, market prospects and frozen products transportation. Meanwhile, speakers also discussed some specific practice like supply chain, cross-boarder trade, marketing and e-commerce mode. Nearly 200 professionals from 15 domestic provinces and 16 overseas countries participated in this forum. Analyzed by nature of business, they are: enterprise (63%), domestic association & research institution (20%), government, embassy & international organization (16%), media and others (1%). And the geological layout is shown as Chart 7.

APA Industry Development & Cooperation ConferenceTargeting at New Tech & Products

APA Industry Development & Cooperation Conferenceis held for the first time. The Conference concentrates on the promotion and application of new technology and its leading effect on overall industry development. The Conference also focuses on global aquaculture investment and trade, searching for new market for domestic enterprises. At the same time, the Conference pays attention to the trends of domestic aquaculture consumption, innovation and development of domestic circulation channels.

E-Commerce Cold Chain & Logistics Training ClassAssisting Products Distribution

Cold chain industry in China is still in baby stage. Most aquatic products are traded locally. By gathering technology enterprises in cold chain, conservation and e-commerce segments, APA Expo organizer offered some essential training classes on products storage and preservation, temperature control during transportation, fresh cold supply chain, convenient global fresh trading and cold chain distribution in origin. 88% of the nearly 100 attendees are from enterprise and they all think highly of these practical topics.

Small-scale Seminar and Workshop Solving Specific Issues

China Catfish Association holds its annual meeting during APA Expo. The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) gives BAP Mollusk Standard First Release in China, introducing the latest mollusk standard. Other concurrent conferences and activities like China Agriculture Innovation Alliance Workshop, Aquaculture Enterprises Transformation under China’s New Normal Economy, Foretasting Stage, New Product Release, and E-Commerce Demonstration Zone provide industry information as well as increase interactivity.

APA Expo 2016 Gaining Industry Recognition as China’s Top Aquaculture Event

2016 APA Expo has received wide support from aquaculture associations and international organizations including FAO, GAA, ASC, WWF (China), Innovation Norway,Japan Fisheries Association, Japan National Fishery Union, etc., which also reflects APA’s status as top aquaculture event in China.

APA Expo aims at building up the most international and professional platform for enterprises in Asia-Pacific region and even the world to show new tech, equipment and ideas. Asia is the center of world’s aquaculture, and China is the driving force. APA Expo has received recognition and appreciation of the industry and become the top industry gathering both in terms of exhibition and conferences. APA’s vision is to create the most professional & international aquaculture event in China. APA Expo has and will continue to promote the development and upgrading of aquaculture farming and processing industry, push global trade, and boost a harmonious development between global aquaculture industry and ecological environment.

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