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Global Aquaculture Summit

2017/6/1—6/4  Fuzhou City, China

Plenary Session: Present and Perspective of Global Aquaculture Industry

Time:2017/6/1 (9:00—12:00)

1.      Challenges and Opportunities of China Aquaculture Industry

2.      Global Aquaculture Industry Today & Tomorrow

3.      China Aquaculture Industry Trend

4.      China Aquaculture Technology Innovations

5.      Science and Technology Breakthroughs for Aquaculture


Breakout Session 1: Aquatic Products Consumption Trend Study

Time:2017/6/1 (13:00—17:00)

1.      New Aquatic Products Consumption Patterns in China

2.      Aquatic Products Retail Model Analysis

3.      New USA Aquatic Products Trade Regulations’ Impacts

4.      Analysis of European Aquatic Products Market

5.      Aquatic Products Processing and Consuming Orientation Analysis

6.      Catering Requirements for Aquaculture Products

7.      E-commerce Aquatic Products Marketing Trends


Breakout Session 2: Practice and Outlook of Industrialized Aquaculture

Time:2017/6/1 (13:00—17:00)

1.      New Progress of Industrialized Aquaculture in China

2.      Recirculating Aquaculture System New Technologies

3.      Latest Technologies in Deep Sea Cage Aquaculture

4.      Automation in Near-Sea Aquaculture

5.      Experiences & Lessons in Industrialized Aquaculture


Breakout Session 3: Aquaculture Technology Innovation Release

Time:2017/6/2 (13:00—17:00)

1.      New Aquaculture Breeding Techniques

2.      New Ecological Aquaculture Techniques

3.      New Aquaculture Models

4.      New Water Environment Control Techniques

5.      New Aquaculture Automation Techniques

6.      New Aquaculture Disease Control and Prevention Techniques


Breakout Session 4: China Eco-Friendly Aquaculture Development

Time:2017/6/2 (13:00—17:00)

1.      Trends of Modern Eco Aquaculture Industry

2.      Key Techniques in Rice-Fish Paddy Aquaculture Systems

3.      New Models in Pond Eco Aquaculture Systems

4.      New Models in Marine Ranching

5.      New Models in Recreational Fishery

6.      New Intelligent Aquaculture

7.      Aquaculture Financial Services


Breakout Session 5: Aquatic Nourishing Meal Marketing

Time:2017/6/2 (13:00—17:00)

1.      New Progress in Global Fish Nutrition Research and Application

2.      Case Study of Student Nourishing Meal Promotion in Japan

3.      Current Situation and Challenges of Aquatic Nourishing Meals in China


Breakout Session 6: Development Trend of Aqua Feed Industry

Time:2017/6/3 (9:00—12:00)

1、China Aqua Feed Industry’s Status & Competitions

2、Global Artemia Cysts Development & China’s Role

3、Expanded Feed Innovations & Applications

4、New Technologies in Feed Additives

5、Global Opportunities & Challenges for Aqua Feed Enterprises


Breakout Session 7: China Fugu Summit

Time:2017/6/3 (9:00—12:00)

1.      Overview of China Fugu Industry Development

2.      Discussion on Hotspot Issues of China Fugu Industry Development

a)        Breaking through Market Bottlenecks

b)        Building up Product Standard System

c)        Traceability from Seeding to Kitchen

d)        Feasibility Study on Further Opening Fugu Farming Control

e)        Operational Risk Control & Analysis

f)         Staff Training on Fugu Breeding & Processing

g)        Cooperation between Breeding Farms and Processing Plants



About GAS: GAS is China’s top aquaculture conference. In 2016, over 400 representatives from 21 provinces & 25 countries and FAO participated in the summit this year. By the nature of business, they can be divided into: enterprise (42%), domestic association & scientific research institution (29%), government, embassy & international organization (22%), and media & others (7%). Besides the plenary session, the three-day summit offers 4 breakout sessions: Innovation & Practice of Modern Aquaculture, Industrialized Aquaculture, Sustainable Aquaculture Production & Trade, and International Fishery Cooperation. Lectures and discussions touched on the following topics: industry transformation, upgrading and structural adjustment, raising aquaculture efficiency, sustainable development, brand promotion, marketing & sales channel innovation, international trade, investment opportunities, etc.

Contact: Ping Yang




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