★ Seedling & Breeding

★ Feeds & Animal Healthcare Products

★ Aquatic Products

★ Aquatic Technologies

★ Processing & Logistics & Packaging

★ Leisure Fishery

★ Marine Ranching Machinery & Equipment

★ Aquaculture Patterns & Equipment

Including: cage aquaculture in offshore deep-water, stereoscopic aquaculture in marine ranching, recirculating system in industrialized aquaculture, recirculating system in pond engineering aquaculture, rice paddy aquaculture, standardized aquaculture in an ecological and healthy way, recirculating system in controlled container, etc.

★Informatization & Automation

Including: aquaculture IoT technology, remote diagnosis of disease, intelligent equipment, etc.

★ Industry Integration Model

Including: fishery town, fishery industry base with integration of primary, secondary & tertiary industry, etc.

★ Aquaculture Services

Including: investment, financial service, inspection & quarantine, industry consulting, international institution, media, etc.


Including: trade matching area, promotion area, seafood appreciation area, exhibitor service center, and media station.

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