Fujian Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Association (FAPPMA) was founded in Jan, 2002, with 272 members including 177 group members. FAPPMA is the non-profit organization honoring A class folk industry organization of Fujian Province in China. And it is voluntarily formed of individuals, enterprises and social groups with independent legal person qualification, engaged in seafood processing, distribution, scientific research and teaching.

FAPPMA is dedicated to actively inflect members’ desires and requirements for the related government departments, direct member to implement the national policies and decrees, coordinate the relationship among the members,maintain the legitimate rights and interests of members,provide technical consultation and information services for member,assist to make the technology exchange and assign trade negotiations of aquatic products processing,promote the technology to the management of aquatic products processing in Fujian province,improve the market of aquatic products processing, in order to continuously improve the economic benefit and social benefit of aquatic products processing industry.

FAPPMA is mainly engaged in: assisting government departments to make plans for the development of aquatic products processing and marketing, promoting the development of industry, organizing the visits of aquatic products processing and marketing inside and outside the province, organizing members to take part in exhibitions inside and outside the province; holding different training courses and seminars; carrying out or accepting industry survey commissioned by the Government departments; drawing up, revising, propagandizing and implementing the technical standards and quality management specification on aquatic products processing and marketing industry, organizing the enterprises to carry out the activities about quality certification, self-discipline, integrity, publishing 《Straits fishery Expo》 non-regularly, establishing the information platform to serve the members.

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