Global Aquaculture Summit 2019&the 11th International Shrimp Industry Development Forum

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17th: Global Aquaculture Summit 2019

New Trends in Aquaculture

Focus: 1. The green trend of China's aquaculture industry

2. Global aquaculture model innovation

3. The core competence of enterprises: building an aquaculture value chain

4. Aquaculture transformation and upgrading guided by advanced management experience


Green Development and Cross-border Integration of China's Aquaculture Industry

Focus: 1. Progress and Challenges of Aquaculture R&D

2. Opportunities and challenges of food industry in the rise of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay area

3. Themed talk: Big shots from catering industry

4. Internet Supply Chain Finance: How to develop the green development of aquaculture


China-ASEAN Mariculture Forum

Focus: 1. Aquaculture production, policies and challenges in Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, etc.

2. Innovative financial services in international cooperation


Exploration and Practice of Green Development of Aquaculture Industry in China

Focus: 1. Industrialization and deep-sea ranching trends of aquaculture industry

2. Aquaculture practice and operation model

3. Breeding drives the efficiency of aquaculture production

4. Smart fisheries lead a new upgrade to aquaculture: intelligent production and decision making



18th: The 11th International Shrimp Industry Development Forum

Production and Trade Trends of International Shrimp Industry

Focus: 1. Analysis of Chinese shrimp production and market situation

2. Shrimp production and market trends in Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries

3. Shrimp seed industry development problems and countermeasures

4. Shrimp green farming technology in China


Eco Trends of Shrimp & Crayfish Aquaculture

Focus: 1. Application of bioflocculation technology in aquaculture

2. Trends and prospects of shrimp feed industry in Asia-Pacific

3. Experience sharing and risk prediction of crayfish rapid rise

4. The core results show of National Shrimp and Crab Industry Technology System

5. Corporate exchange of National Shrimp and Crab Industry Technology System

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