A Review of the Global Aquaculture Summit 2019

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ThemeGreening Development, Efficiency First


Plenary Session: New Trends in Aquaculture

More talks about the hot issues of China and global aquaculture industry, such as China green development practice, the cooperation with other countries, the core competence of enterprises and the advanced management experience, etc.



Breakout session1New Drive of China Aquaculture Green Development-- National Aquaculture Green Technology and Management Training

The five experts analyzed the New Drive of China Aquaculture Green Development. They also introduced the progress and challenges of aquaculture, shared the good practice and operation, and the seed breeding experiences.


Breakout session2China-ASEAN Mariculture Forum

This forum was organized by China-ASEAN Center for Joint Research and Promotion of Marine Aquaculture Technology, Modern Shrimp & Crab Industry Technology Research System, and China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA).


Breakout session3The 11th China International Shrimp Industry Development Forum

About some hot topics of shrimp industry, such as the research orientation of shrimp seed, and the problems and opportunities of shrimp production and market, some of speakers and the specially invited experts made the Panel Discussion.



Analysis of participants of GAS 2019


According to the statistics, there are 554 participants attending the Global Aquaculture Forum this year. Compared with 2018,the participant has steadily increased. Among them, Among them, there are 485 domestic representatives and 69 foreign representatives. As this session was held on the upper floor of the Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Exhibition Pavilion, about 60 exhibitor representatives attended the meeting.

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