Global Aquaculture Summit 2018

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Theme: Innovation Guide & Green Development

Plenary Session: China’s aquaculture policy, global aquaculture trend, the direction of China’s aquaculture in new environment.

Breakout Session 1: Aquaculture Patters & Technologies

Cage aquaculture in offshore deep-water, stereoscopic aquaculture in marine ranching, recirculating system in industrialized aquaculture, recirculating system in pond engineering aquaculture, recirculating system in controlled container…

Breakout Session 2: Opportunities for Aquaculture Development under the Pressure of Environmental Protection Policy

Interpretation of environmental policy, analysis of global feed protein resources and price trend, integration and process improvement among feed companies, environmental monitoring and pollution control in aquaculture…

Breakout Session 3: Epidemic Prevention & Disease Control among Aquatic Animals

Interpretation of epidemic prevention policy for aquatic animals in China, vaccine development and achievements display of aquatic animals, new advancement in remote diagnosis and treatment of aquatic animals, latest healthcare products, case share of new technology application…

Breakout Session 4: Fishery International Cooperation

New opportunities for China-foreign fisheries cooperation, cases study on “Going Global” for Chinese enterprises, technical cooperation and integration of resources, interpretation of cross-border M&A opportunities…

Breakout 5: Aquatic Products Consumption Upgrading

Aquatic products consumption trends, new opportunities for aquatic products, quality aquatic products promotion…

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