Aquaculture to net Changsha village prosperity

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Breeding aquatic products will help Kaihui village, in Changsha county shake off poverty, local media reported on Oct 11.

Located in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hunan China Sun Pharmaceutical Machinery recently launched a targeted support project with Kaihui village, to create a comprehensive breeding industry.

According to the project, local villagers will cultivate prawns, lobsters, hairy crabs and other products, maximizing production yields and using minimal land.

Aquaculture traditionally has a high demand for breeding environment, which can be alleviated by using advanced facilities.

The utilization of fully-automatic facilities, big data management and remote technology will allow the real-time monitoring and remote control of water, salinity and microorganisms, creating the most ideal environment for cultivation.

The Changsha-based company has also developed a special type of packaging, enabling aquatic products to stay fresh and alive during and after long-distance transport.

The poverty reduction will also be backed up by e-commerce platforms, with those fresh aquatic products to be available on major shopping platforms, such as and

It's expected to bring in economic benefits of around 10 million yuan ($1.52 million) annually and lift more than 30 households out of poverty.


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