Wuxi striving to modernize fishing industry

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In the wake of China's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-2020), Wuxi vowed to strongly develop its fishery industry.

The city's authorities aim to raise both the quantity and quality of aquatic products while maintaining an environmental consciousness.

The mid-sized Jiangsu province city is already a rich fishing source and accounts for 130,000 tons of aquatic products, around a third of Wuxi's consumption needs. The city's lakes and rivers are awash with more than 40 different species, from highly-prized crabs to inexpensive carp.

Fishermen use a lift to maneuver a large basket of fish. [Photo/wxrb.com]


However, a large portion of the local fishing industry is currently in the hands of small businesses, often households, and city officials hope to encourage these operators to develop and modernize their practices.


"Fisheries in the region are mainly managed by households. They rarely use modern fishery equipment in aquaculture because of they are operating on a low level," said an official of the agricultural department in Wuxi.


Accordingly, Wuxi will promote the application of modern science and technology in local fisheries. Officials nonetheless recognize the need for these efforts to cooperate with local research centers.


One example is a shrimp-rice growing model; a program in which the two are successfully cultivated in the same environment. The scheme would raise productivity yields and provide farmers with supplementary income.


It is hoped that with the implementation of innovative programs such as these the local government can use science and technology to foster the development of Wuxi's fishing industry.

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