Vietnam cold water fish aquaculture feed, seed import demand is more

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According  to  "Vietnam  Economic  Times"  reported  in  October  4th,   Vietnam  cold  water  fish  farming has been 10 years of history,  mainly distributed in the northeast and northwest 22 provinces and cities,  the annual output of about 1500 tons of cold water fish.  Vietnam aquatic product bureau said that by 2020,  Vietnam  quasi will improve cold water fish annual production to 10000 tons,  of which 7287 tons of salmon, sturgeon, 2713 tons.
Reported that the production of cold water fish feed, Vietnam is still not dependent on imports, most of the sturgeon species also need to import from china. 
Vietnam aquatic product processing and Export Association (Vasep) vice president Ruan Youyong said, at present, Vietnam cold water fish breeding spontaneous larger, and not perfect in the processing, marketing and other aspects. Breeding, breeding technology and disease prevention is relatively weak.

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