China national invention patent of 'Conditioning System Of Aquaculture Water Quality ' is beneficial to reduce pollution and improve water quality.

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Recently, engineer Jiang Shirong in Bureau of Aquatic Products, Huarong county, Yueyang city, Hunan province, his application of 'Conditioning System Of Aquaculture Water Quality' to obtain China national invention patent.

The invention provides the technical support for the health aquaculture, solves the problem of breeding pollution in rural environment remediation.

The technology also has the characteristics of simple and easy to operate, even without pisciculture training can use the equipment.

Advantage of the invention are as follows: under the condition of no water to change, the outbreak of blue-green algae won't appear in the pond, the fish have no bilgy odour niether.

Below 1000 kilograms per mu, you can nonuse fish medicine, thus can reduce the environmental pollution of aquaculture wastewater, and guarantee the quality of aquatic products, reduce the cost of breeding.

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