MSC looking to break into local Chinese markets

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The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) is working with thousands of inshore fishermen in a bid to certify the seafood coming into local markets, said An Yan, with the certification group’s office there.

While e-commerce is increasingly becoming an important route for seafood sales in China, a huge number of shoppers still buy their seafood at the coast, from local markets, she said.

The MSC program in the inshore fishery will need to take into account the multi-species, multi-gear type nature. “For the long term view, we need to ensure local fish supplies are sustainable, because many people still prefer to buy locally,” said Yan.

Looking wider, MSC now has 235 chain of custody-certified firms in China, covering 180,000- 200,00 metric tons of seafood, or 30- 35% of the market.

100 of these processors are in Qingdao, and roughly 60 are in Dalian.

MSC runs a number of promotional activities, such as the Sustainable Seafood Week, which in 2015 was run through 45 stores belonging to 6 different retailers, as well as two hotel groups.

 Source: Undercurrentnews 

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