China, Peru hold bilateral fishery meeting

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     China and Peru held a fishery meeting in Lima, Peru on May 23, 2016. 


    The Chinese side introduced the status quo of China's fisheries, the bilateral aquatic product trade, and the fishing operation of squid jigging vessels on the high seas of the Southeast Pacific Ocean. China proposed that the two sides discuss the establishment of a bilateral fishery cooperation mechanism, enhance fishery cooperation and jointly combat illegal fishing. China also hoped that the Peruvian side provide its official exclusive economic zone (EEZ) map to China. The Peruvian side briefed China about the status quo, priorities and management systems of its fisheries. 


    The two sides agreed that China and Peru enjoy complementaries in fisheries and enormous potentials for cooperation. The two sides reached the following consensus through consultation: (1) the competent fishery authorities of the two sides actively work out and sign, as appropriate, the MOU on bilateral fishery cooperation through diplomatic means; (2) the two sides should study and establish the China-Peru fishery committee mechanism, and hold regular meetings on bilateral fishery affairs; (3) Peru provides its official EEZ map to China to reduce and avoid fishery disputes; (4) the two sides should intensify cooperation in aquaculture technology and personnel training.

 Source: Information Office, MOA

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