Top Aquaculture Industry Conference — GAS 2017 to be held in Fuzhou

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Global Aquaculture Summit 2017 (GAS 2017) organized by China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance, will continue to exploit the new driving forces and sustainable developmentfor globalaquaculture industry. Since its birth in 2015, GAS has become China’s top aquaculture conference.

GAS 2017 will be held at Fuzhou City in June co-located with Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo 2017 (June 2-4). On its 3rdyear, GAS will continue to build up a communication platform for global aquatic participants, trailing the latest development and solving the emerging problems.

Ø The new progresses of global aquaculture industry

Ø The new practices and explorations to aquaculture sustainability

Ø The exploration of new breed and new areas

Ø The new developments of industrial aquaculture

Ø The changes of market demand to aquatic products

Ø Regional management and brand building

China Aquaculture Products Processing and Marketing Alliance (CAPPMA) holds Global Aquaculture Summit 2016 in Xiamen during May 25-27 at Xiamen. Over 400 representatives from 21 provinces & 25 countries and FAO participated in the summit that year. Besides the plenary session, the three-day summit offers4 breakout sessions: Innovation & Practice of Modern Aquaculture, Industrialized Aquaculture, Sustainable Aquaculture Production & Trade, and International Fishery Cooperation. Attendees get together to discuss the latest trends in China and around the world.

Currently, China’s aquaculture industry is on a key turning point of transition and upgrading in terms of production mode and industry structure. Production mode is heading towards ecological farming and industrialized farming, which needs more international cooperation, technical exchange and introduction of advanced equipment.

We’re sincerely expecting to meet you on GAS 2017.

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