2015 Global Aquaculture Summit Agenda

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2015 Global Aquaculture Summit Agenda

Location: Xiamen Juntai Hotel, Fujian Province, China



May 23rd

Registration                         10:00-20:00

May 24th

                  Opening Ceremony                    9:00-9:20
Opening Address: Director of Bureau of Fisheries and Fisheries Law-Enforcement, Ministry of Agriculture PRC

Keynote Speech: Trend Analysis of Global Aquaculture  9:20-11:40

  1. Strategy Consideration of Global Aquaculture Development

Prof. Mai Kangsen, Academician, China Academy of Engineering

  1. Current Situation and Development Trend of Global Aquaculture

Tipparat Pongthanapanich,Fisheries and Aquaculture Department FAO

  1. The View of Market Demand and Supply- Aquatic Species Selection

Speaker TBD, National Fisheries Institute

  1. Aquaculture Achievement and Future of Japan


  1. Situation of Shellfish Culture and Cultural Environment Analysis

Zhang Guofan, Deputy Director, Institute of Oceanology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

  1. Freshwater Fish Culture Situation and Development Trend

Ge Xianping, Director, Freshwater Fisheries Research Center China Fisheries Science Research Institute

           Interactive Discussion          11:40-12:10

May 24th





May 24th

         Keynote Speech: New Technique of Aquaculture     13:30-15:10

  1. The influence of Seawater Aquaculture to Fishery Ecology

Speaker TBD, Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance

  1. Research Achievement of Fishery Breeding

Liu Xuezhou, Researcher, Yellow Sea Chinese Fisheries Science, Fisheries Research Institute

  1. The Advantage of Developing Grouper Aquaculture in China

Prof. Gong Qingli, Ocean University of China

  1. Technical Exchange of Advanced Norway Deep sea Large Cage Cultural Technique

Speaker TBD, Innovation Norway

               Interactive Discussion          15:10-15:40

      Keynote Speech: Industrial Development Tendency    15:40-17:30

  1. Industrial Chain Traceability System– Future of Aquatic Products

Brian Sterling, Managing Director, Global Food Traceability Center

  1. Policy Explanation- Key Notice for China Aquatic Products Exporting to the US

Speaker TBD, FDA Office of Embassy of the United States of America

  1. Ecological Priority in Aquaculture Industry

Liu Xingguo, Fisheries Machinery and Instrument Research Institute, Chinese Academy of Fishery Sciences

  1. Chinese fishmeal Production, Today and the Future

Guo liangxiao, Manager, Rongcheng Brothers Marine Biological Technology Co., Ltd.

                    Interactive Discussion           17:30-18:00


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