1. What products to be exhibited?

Exhibits cover the whole industry chain, from seeds, fry, feeds and medicine, to utilities, machinery, equipment and technology. Aquaculture species, verities and products can also be exhibited.

Asia-Pacific Aquaculture Expo is the only professional Aquaculture show in Asia-Pacific District, and also the first aquaculture industry gathering in China.


2. Who will be the exhibitors and visitors?

Major aquaculture enterprises in China will all be present to exhibit their products and look for what they need, either as exhibitors or buyers. Evergreen Group, Yuehai Feed Group, Tongwei Group and Great Seven Bio-Tech, to name a few.

APA Expo is collated with the China International (Fuzhou) Seafood Expo.  We estimate professional visitors will be reach 30,000 in 2017.


3. Why is APA Expo organized?

The consumption of aquatic products keeps on increasing and has surpassed that of capture products in 2014. It is a global trend that aquaculture will become a more and more important protein source.

Asia-Pacific is the center of world aquaculture industry. However, there are great demands for high quality seeds, feeds, medicine and technology.

APA Expo is the only professional aquaculture industry event in the Asia-Pacific region. It is the best opportunity to create business opportunities, to know latest technology, and to social network with the industry.


4. How to generate the best results out of APA Expo?

Exhibition on site & promotions on APA Expo website, social media, newsletters and reports through our 45 plus media partners.

Concurrent Conferences: Global Aquaculture Summit, Industry Development Forum, and International Round Table Industry Meetings.

B2B Business Match Meetings.

Show hall brands & products promotions.

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