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Latest Technology & Products Release---2016 APA Expo Conferences & Concurrent Activities 5

As the sole aquaculture themed event in China and Asia-Pacific region, APA Expo has provided a great opportunity for the industry to meet together and exchange the latest on species, breeding, technology, equipment and products. Meanwhile, you can also seek for partners and investors here for your projects.

The technology and products released during APA Expo can give you some preview on the coming industry trends.

Time: 9:30—12:00, 14:00—17:00, May 27

Location: Seaside Hotel Meeting Room 8

Registration (9:00—9:10)

1.       Malaysia Aquaculture Investment Opportunities (9:10—9:40)

Mr. Aszmy Mahmood Yusof Bin Mohamed, Agriculture Counselor of Malaysia

2.       Myanmar Aquaculture Development and Its Investment Opportunities (9:40—10:10)

Dr.Myint Sein,Deputy President, Myanmar Aquaculture Council

3.       The Application and Innovation of Aquaculture Aeration Technology (10:10-10:40)

OUSEI Water Solutions CO.,LTD

4.       Case Study of SE1 Copper Materials in Deep Sea Aquaculture (10:40-10:55)

Sharon Yang, Wieland Germany

5.       The Application of Mitsubishi Copper Materials in Deep Sea Aquaculture (10:55-11:20)

Mr. Craig Craven, Mitsubishi, Japan

6.       FeedKind Protein: Aquaculture Feed of the Future (11:20-11:50)

Mr. Dennis Leong , Vice President, Business Development, CALYSTA

Mr. Allan LeBlanc, FeedKind Protein Product Manager, CALYSTA

7.       Fairy Shrimp Feeds in Shrimp & Grouper Farming (14:00-14:30)

Tangshan Huitong Aquatic Technology Co. Ltd.

8.       Equator Aquatic Products and International Cooperation Opportunities (14:30-15:00)

Mr. Paul Penaherrera M., Commercial Consul, Consulate General of Ecuador in Guangzhou

9.       Hubei JingmenAquactic Products & Investment Opportunities (15:00-15:30)

Jingmen Fishery Bureau

10.   Turbot From Xincheng, Liaoning(15:30-16:00)

XinchengJiayingWeiye Trade Co, Ltd

11.   Russian Aquatic Products(16:00-16:30)

Far-East Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd


List is in continuous updating.

Attendees can register online: http://en.apaexpo.com.cn/register/ or through wechat: APA Expo

Presentation application, please contact:

Ms. Ping Yang, Dr. Lisa Pang

Tel: +86-10-88102348/2346; Cell: +86-13810614254

Email: yangp@apaexpo.com.cn

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