Co.'s profile(Chinese)舟山市越洋食品有限公司创建于2002年9月,地处素有“东海鱼仓”和“中国渔都”的舟山群岛,是一家专业从事海洋水产食品的精深加工企业。公司占地面积15500平方米,建筑面积8600平方米。公司各类生产设备先进、设施齐全;有500吨/次冷藏能力的冷库四座,速冻库2座,日速冻能力60吨,隧道式单冻生产线二条,熟制品生产线一条,有符合欧盟水产品生产标准的生产车间。公司生产的主要产品有:冻海捕虾系列、鱿鱼系列、章鱼系列、海捕鱼、梭子蟹、鲱鱼籽等系列水产品;远销欧盟、美国、韩国、日本以及东南亚等国。

Co.'s profile(English)Zhoushan Yueyang Food Co., Ltd. was founded in September 2002, located in the Zhoushan Islands, known as "East China Sea Warehouse" and "China Fishery Capital ", is a deep processing enterprise specializing in marine aquatic food. The company covers an area of 15500 square meters and a building area of 8600 square meters. The company all kinds of production equipment advanced, complete facilities; have 500 tons per cold storage capacity of four, frozen storage capacity of 2, daily freezing capacity of 60 tons, tunnel type single frozen production line two, cooked products production line one, there is in line with the European Union aquatic products production standards production workshop. The company's main products are: frozen shrimp series, squid series, octopus series, sea fishing, barracuda, herring seeds and other series of aquatic products; exported to the European Union, the United States, South Korea, Japan and Southeast Asia and other countries.

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IQF shrimp

Notes:1、Prawn products made from fresh sea shrimp by peeling, grading, soaking with additives and quick freezing. All raw materials are from the sea area of the East China Sea, shrimp is rich in nutrition, rich in protein, potassium, iodine, magnesium.

IQF shrimp

Frozen histamine fish (tablets)

Notes:Frozen histamine fish (slices) from fresh histamine fish, after cleaning, grading selection (slices) frozen histamine fish products. Histamine fish is a very fat, dark meat color fish, so it is suitable for baking, smoking or grilled.

Frozen histamine fish (tablets)

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