Co.'s profile(Chinese)公司成立于2017年5月,法人代表郑爱民,注册资本贰佰万元整,是一家以水产品收购、加工、销售的民营企业。公司于2019年7月取得食品生产许可证(证号:SC11133090302592),同年8月取得出口食品生产企业备案证明(3300/02835)。公司地处全国著名的舟山渔场,厂址在舟山市普陀区东港街道新驰路8号,距离中国舟山国际水产城约4公里,公司占地面积6000平方米,投入固定资产3000余万元,厂房建筑面积4000余平方米,拥有冷藏库二座三间容量1000余吨,速冻库7间日速冻能力180吨,预冷间2间,冰轮隧道式速冻机一条日速冻能力10吨,原料车间4个

Co.'s profile(English)Founded in May 2017, the company is a private enterprise that purchases, processes and sells aquatic products with a registered capital of RMB two million yuan. The company obtained the food production license (license no. SC11133090302592) in July 2019, and the record certificate of the export food production enterprise (330/02835) in August of the same year. Company is located in the famous zhoushan fishing ground, the site of factory in zhoushan donggang street new chi road, putuo district no. 8, about 4 km from China zhoushan international aquatic city, the company covers an area of 6000 square meters, the fixed asset 3000 ten thousand yuan investment, building area of more than 4000 square meters, with a cold storage capacity of 1000 tons

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SouthAmerican white shrimp

Notes:South American white prawn (Penaeus vanname) is a member of the genus Penaeus. South American white prawn is rich in nutrition and delicious in taste. It is deeply loved by Chinese people and has high economic value.

SouthAmerican white shrimp

squid cephalopods

Notes:squid cephalopods

squid cephalopods




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