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The group of Hainan province will participate in the Asia Pacific Aquaculture Expo 2016

The group of Hainan province will attend the Asia Pacific Aquaculture Expo 2016. Hainan is a big province of aquaculture, it will mainly show the golden pompano, tilapia and rock fish (grouper). They not only show their featured aquaculture products but also make promotion meeting on site.

At present, the exhibitors of Hainan Pavilion include: The tilapialeading enterprise like Hainan Xiangtai Fishery Co.,Ltd., Hainan Qinfu Industrial Co.Ltd and so on; the pomfret-golden leading enterprise like Lingao Haifeng Breeding Development Co., Ltd. and the south China Sea Fish Seedings Association of Hainan province that give priority to with grouper will also organize its collective member enterprise to participate in this exhibition.

Welcome to visit Hainan Pavilion in APA Expo’16 in Xiamen from May 26th to 28th, 2016.

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